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Is there Reconnection in the Animal Kingdom?


Re-connection in the Animal Kingdom

This is how the strongest alliance organization in history was born, gathering superheroes from all sides to show off their power, saving the world in dire straits, and resisting the invasion of dark forces. This is the "Avengers". Compared with the superheroes of the "Avengers", the animal kingdom also has a "reunion". Now please collect this movie guide from the Animal Avengers.

Captain America-Sparrowtail Mantis Shrimp

A sudden evil force poses a deadly threat to the earth, and no superhero can resist it alone. This is how the strongest alliance organization in history was born, gathering superheroes from all sides to show off their power, saving the world in dire straits, and resisting the invasion of dark forces. 

This is the "Avengers". Compared with the superheroes of the "Avengers", the animal kingdom also has a "reunion". Now please collect this movie guide from the Animal Avengers.


It is no exaggeration to call the birdtail mantis shrimp the "Captain America" ​​of the animal kingdom. They are brave and fearless, and they will not feel timid even when they encounter opponents several times larger than themselves.


As well-known as Captain America’s hips is the tail of the sparrow-tailed mantis shrimp. Its colorful tail section can be curled up to form a vibrating shield comparable to Captain America, capable of avoiding and fighting enemies from different directions. 

The attack, even if it is hit by the crab's big ao, will not cause serious damage, and the ability to resist hits is extremely strong. 

Such a bird-tailed mantis shrimp is difficult to swallow even if it is swallowed by an enemy, and it is often spit out intact. 

It is a character that the enemy will feel a headache when they see it.


Iron Man-Armadillo


Armadillos are the Iron Man in the animal kingdom. They are also called "Armor Rats". 

This is because their hard backs are covered with overlapping keratinized scales, in addition to a layer of dermis formed by skin ossification. 

It's like wearing Iron Man's steel suit.


Armadillo has a strong defensive power. When it feels threatened, it will shrink into a ball. The entire armor will cover the back, sides, head, tail, ears and the outside of the legs. The adillo is well protected.


How hard is this layer of armor? It is reported that a man in Texas, USA shot an armadillo with a 9mm caliber revolver. As a result, he was hit in the jaw by a rebounding bullet.


Black Widow-Black Widow

Black Widow is the coldest, sexiest and most charming of all superheroes. She is a heartthrob in the Avengers. 

The reason why she named herself after a kind of spider, except for her and the spiders of the genus Kou, in addition to the same black coat, it is also full of fatal temptations.


When the black widow female spider is preparing to mate, it releases sex pheromone on its big web, and transmits the signal of love to the male suitor who comes by through the thin spider silk: "Come on, contrived, There is a lot of time anyway." 

Once the male spider climbs on its web and after mating is completed, the female spider will unceremoniously eat the suitor, so falling in love in the worldview of the male black widow spider is about death.


But for the heroic dedication of male spiders, female spiders disagree. Each female black widow spider only needs to mate with one male spider when the eggs are mature to complete the important task of inheritance, but its complete spider web will continue to emit attractiveness. 

Sex pheromone is a sweet and fatal temptation for potential mates.


At the same time, the black widow spider is a kind of spider with a strong neurotoxin. 

The venom will promote the release of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which will cause strong muscle spasms and even death. It is comparable to Natasha in the movie and is deadly.


Eagle Eye-Eagle


In the "Avengers" of the animal kingdom, the eagle has unmatched vision. Its vision range can reach 36 kilometers, six times that of humans. So, why is the eagle's eyesight so good?


This is because the structure of the eagle's eye is unique. Each human eye has a groove called the fovea on the retina, while there are two fovea in the eagle's eye. 

The functions of the two fovea are different. One of them is dedicated to looking forward and the other is dedicated to looking to the side. 

In this way, the eagle's visual range is much wider than that of humans, and can take care of both the front and the side.


In addition, the number of cells used to see things in each fovea of ​​the eagle is also six or seven times more than that of our human beings. 

Reconnection in the Animal Kingdom

The number of blood vessels on their retina is small, and the blood vessels on the retina will cause incident light to scatter. Less can reduce the scattering, and the pupil of the eagle eye is also large, which can minimize the diffraction of the light entering the eye, so you can see more clearly.


Thor-Electric Eel


The Thunder God of the animal kingdom is the electric eel.

The electric eel is a freshwater fish with the strongest discharge capacity, and the output voltage can reach 300-800 volts. Among them, the American electric eel is the god of Odin among the electric eels. The maximum voltage it can release is more than 800 volts, so strong The voltage is enough to kill a cow.


However, unlike Thor, which relies on hammers and axes to release current, electric eels use their whole body to discharge electricity. There are some cells in the electric eel like a small laminated battery. When it is stimulated by a nerve signal, it can make the ion flow through its cell membrane. And the electric eel has such cells from the beginning to the end, just like many stacked cells. 

The batteries together. When electricity is generated, all these batteries (each battery voltage is about 0.15 volts) are all connected in series at once, so that a very high voltage is generated between the head and tail of the electric eel.


The generators of the electric eel are distributed in the muscles on both sides of the body. The tail of the body is positive and the head is negative. The current flows from the tail to the head. When the head and tail of the electric eel touch the enemy, a powerful current can be generated.


The Hulk-New Guinea Green Blood Lizard


On land, we rarely see green mammals. This is because mammals have only two pigments in their fur: one pigment makes the hair black or brown, and the other makes the hair yellow or orange. 

The different combinations of the above colors constitute the basic hue of mammal fur. 

In addition, some white-haired animals, such as polar bears, have numerous tiny bubbles in their hair or the hair itself is transparent and hollow, which can scatter light. 

Mammals without green pigments, of course, cannot produce green themselves.


However, the lizard in New Guinea is not only green in appearance, but also green in blood. This is because its tubes contain a lot of biliverdin. Most vertebrate red blood cells contain hemoglobin. 

The main coloring substance of hemoglobin is hemoglobin containing ferrous ions. Therefore, blood generally appears red. When red blood cells are decomposed, waste of green pigment is produced. 

Most vertebrates filter these wastes out of the circulatory system, because the amount of biliverdin can damage cells, neurons and DNA. 

New Guinea lizards are different. The biliverdin in its body has reached the level of covering hemoglobin, making their blood look green.


Such a high concentration of biliverdin did not have any effect on the lizards, but gave them a unique advantage. This green blood can help them resist infection, antioxidant, and protect cells, so they are called invincible in the animal kingdom. Hulk deserves its name.


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