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What are the 12 Top Most Popular Christmas Cakes?

12 World's Most Famous Christmas Cake, Xmas Cakes

When it comes to Christmas cakes, you may think of regular customized cakes. Also  you can definitely think of Stollen, but is Stollen really the only one? NO! Every country in the world has unique cakes to greet Christmas, you need to explore more of them worldwide to have complete idea as a gross. The cakes must be best f om the point of view of health and fitness. Of course we do not want to get sick after celebration or merely for taste. Nutritious and healthy diet is the key. Here is known healthy explanation about fitness oriented X-mas cakes for you.


The twelve top Christmas cakes in the world are:

No. 1. France: B?che de No?France: wood cake

In France, every Christmas, there will be a cake like a tree trunk-wood cake in the cake shop. 

Why are Christmas cakes shaped like firewood? 

It is said to be a legend from Lithuania. If the wood left over from the previous year is made into ashes, the ashes can protect against evil. Therefore, in the week before Christmas, the longest firewood will be burned and burned on Christmas Day. 

France: wood cake, Christmas cakes

On Christmas Eve, French wanderers, no matter where they work, will rush back to their hometowns to reunite. Just like the Asians keep the year old, there is a custom of family reunion vigil. 

When it's midnight, the whole family usually gathers in front of the stove and eats wood cakes together with coffee or black tea. 

On the one hand, it drives away the cold, and on the other hand, it also connects family members.


No. 2. Italy: Panettone

"Pennydoni" was founded in Milan, a fashion town in northern Italy. Milanese call it "Panetun", which originally means "big bread". It has a cylindrical shape with a height of between 12 cm and 15 cm and a dome at the top. shape. 

Italy: Panettone Christmas Cake

When stirring, mix orange peel, lemon peel, raisins, butter, egg yolk, etc. into flour and water and mix well. 

In addition, add tart noodles for long-term low-temperature fermentation to fully integrate the fruity flavor with the dough and bake the finished pan "Nidoni" is full of fruity aroma, which makes people salivate.

No. 3. Germany: Weihnachts Stollen

Stollen, the most classic Christmas bread in Germany, looks like a wrapper when Jesus was born. People share Stollen to commemorate Jesus. 

Traditional Stollen is generally prepared 2 weeks in advance, and the flavor of the bread changes over time. 

Sugar and oil retain the moisture of the bread, making the tissue moist and delicate.

Germany: Weihnachts Stollen Christmas Cake

The flavor of various dried fruits slowly penetrates and merges, the longer the time, the stronger the flavor. 

A long strip of Stollen can be eaten from Christmas to Easter (April), put in the freezer, and can even be stored for 1 year.


No. 4. United Kingdom: Christmas Cake

Christmas cake is a fruit cake eaten at Christmas in Britain, Ireland and many Commonwealth countries. 

Usually a pound cake with a lot of dried fruit is used as a base, and the surface is decorated with icing, cream, Christmas decorations, etc. 

The words "Merry Christmas" are often poured on top of the cake with chocolate or jam, and special Christmas candles are placed around them. The candles are small and colorful, and they are blown out by the owner, and then everyone eats the cake. 

United Kingdom Christmas Cake

People sometimes put three beans in the cake to represent the three oriental sages in the biblical story. Whoever eats the beans becomes the "three kings", which is very interesting.


No. 5. Scotland: Whiskey Dundee Cake

The Scots blended local characteristics with British Christmas cakes to create whiskey Duncan cakes. 

Compared with Christmas cakes, its structure is lighter and softer, not as heavy and solid as Christmas cakes. 

Scotland: Whiskey Dundee Cake, Christmas Cake

The decoration on the surface also uses dried fruits instead of cream, just like the character of a Scot who is simple but truly loves life.


No. 6. Japan: Kurisumasu Keki Japan: Strawberry Cream Christmas Cake

Japanese cakes are always fine, replacing heavy pound cakes with delicate and soft sponge cakes. 

The surface is decorated with thick cream and red strawberries, and the sweet and lovely chocolate Santa Claus is placed on the top. 

This cake must be eaten on Christmas Eve and before Christmas. Because kurisumasu keki is not just the meaning of Christmas.

In Japanese slang, it also refers to unmarried women. Once they are 25 years old and have not married, it is like a cake left after Christmas, which is not fresh.

Japan: Kurisumasu Keki Japan: Strawberry Cream Christmas Cake


No. 7. Sweden: Kringla Sweden: button knot

Inspired by German lye bread, Swedish knob is made with almond flour and sliced ​​almonds. 

Sweden: Kringla Sweden: button knot

Different from Danish knots, this Swedish little cake does not contain nuts and raisins. The biggest feature is that it puts a lot of butter. 

No. 8. Greece: Christopsomo Greece: hot cross buns

The cross decoration on the top of the bread symbolizes the Christian cross, which is the most religious of all Christmas bread. 

Christopsomo Greece: hot cross buns

When making this bread, the baker must cross his chest with his hands and pray devoutly. Various dried fruits, nuts and spices are added to the bread, which is rich and aromatic.


No. 9. Hungary: Bejgli Hungary: Christmas Roll

Like the French, Hungarians also like cake rolls. Although there is no surface decoration, it has delicious walnut and poppy seed fillings. 

Hungary: Bejgli Hungary: Christmas Roll

If you don’t eat enough for Christmas, you can still eat it at Easter.


No. 10. Poland: Piernik Poland: Gingerbread

Unlike other European countries who eat nuts or fruit cakes, Poles eat gingerbread with chocolate topped on Christmas. 

Poland: Piernik Poland: Gingerbread

This gingerbread can be traced back to the Middle Ages. In the Torun Museum in Poland, there are still medieval baking molds.


No.11. Iceland: Vinetarta Iceland: Plum Cake

Icelanders are the only ones who have the courage to eat cakes with a lot of plum jam. 

Iceland: Vinetarta Iceland: Plum Cake

Vinetarta, made up of layers of cake and plum jam, is the most traditional cake used by Icelanders to celebrate Christmas.


No.12. Spain: Roscon De Reyes Spain: King Cake

In fact, this is the Spanish King’s Day cake, but it has strong festive features, so we also put it in the Christmas cake. 

Just like its name, the king cake is usually made into a crown shape, and there is also a small Jesus doll inside. The theme of these cakes may be of adult cakes, and hence possibly somewhat similar shapes.

Spain: Roscon De Reyes Spain: King Cake

The person who eats the doll is the king of the party, but the bad thing is that you have to bring it to February 2 go up to the church on Sunday.

How is Quality and Rating of Cakes done Worldwide?

The cakes are rated on the basis of their taste which we deduce from the consumers review, certifications from authorities and of course quality comparison vis-a-vis their price rates.


What is the price of Christmas Cakes in different currencies?

Christmas Cakes Price List:

X-mas Cake Weight |

Price in US$

| Price | in GBP  

Price in Euro

| Price in INR





















 Table showing latest prices of high class Christmas cakes in different currencies


It is important to note that fondant cakes are little costlier than foam or bread based cakes.

What to pay attention to while purchasing a Christmas cake?

You must keep in mind the following things while choosing a Christmas cake for purchase:

  1. Brand Value / Goodwill
  2. Quality Assessment / Certifications
  3. Price Value 
  4. Other Customers' Feedback
  5. Health Quality of ingredients, may refer if they have their product page on it.

Some celebrating adults want to go with adult cakes in private non-family parties so they may have one on the occasion separately. These are not Christmas theme but its people's individual taste.


Out of the variety of Christmas cakes available worldwide the people choose the best ones locally and when they are extraordinarily liked by the locals they may move over the world if they possess commercial viability. 

There are also trends in the bakery market like bachelorette cakes so one needs to consider that as well if they are bakers. Customers may go with their choice or may give trends a consideration. Bakers and cake sellers with better marketing skills can market even inferior quality stuff then superior hence this guide to mine the relevant information on as is where is basis in readers or consumers interest.  


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