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What is testosterone?


What is testosterone? Actually played an important role in the growth of boys

There is an old saying: "Boys and dogs who are seven or eight years old are too disgusting". They are saying that boys are naughty and naughty enough that even dogs don't like reason. Testosterone is the culprit.

The boy’s vigorous energy did blow up the scalps of the treasure mothers. The mother who has a male treasure must have expressed the same emotions as me more than once: "Son, are you the monkey spirit sent to torture me?"


"Why are boys so active? Why don't they stop for a moment? Is this normal?"

"Regarding this confusion, I once asked my cousin (her son is an adult). After listening, the cousin smiled and said," Your son is not at all wrong, that is testosterone! " 


Infographics on Testosterone

What is testosterone? 

We don’t know if we don’t check it, and it almost subverts the perception of fetal growth! On the impact of testosterone on male treasure, talk about my own understanding after learning.


We all know that when the expectant mother is pregnant, the baby's gender difference is on the "Y" chromosome.

 Simply put, "XX" is a female baby and "XY" is a male baby. But this decisive moment started in the 8th week of pregnancy. 

In other words, all babies are females at the beginning of life, and the Y chromosome begins to mobilize from the 8th week, which promotes the development of the fetus into a boy. 

There is a proof that although men do not need nipples, they also have nipples, which seems to make sense.


Besides, testosterone is actually the product of the movement of Y chromosome in fetal cells. 

Because of the secretion of testosterone, the fetus has the male characteristics of testes and penis, and the testes do not mature until the 15th week. 

Excess testosterone encourages the fetus to have other male characteristics.


Don't underestimate testosterone, it plays an important role in the growth of boys. 

The expectant mothers during pregnancy are very important. 

If the pressure is too high, it will inhibit the production of testosterone in the fetus, resulting in the fetus's testicles and penis not fully developed. 

After many male babies were born, the chicks did not grow well enough, partly because of this.


Testosterone is accompanied by the boy's growth and has different levels at different ages, resulting in boys with such behavioral characteristics.

 Many times, we can't accept the behavior of boys, don't blame them, all are "testosterone"!


Will the penis of a newborn baby get an erection? 

Testosterone is at work, the first outbreak period.

The newborn baby was taken care of by his family. 

At this time, the expectant mothers were surprised to find out: Why is there a slight erection of the penis occasionally after the child is just a few days old?


Don't be surprised, it's actually a testosterone relationship. After birth, the testosterone in a baby boy is almost equivalent to the testosterone content in a 12-year-old boy.

The reason why it is so high is that when a baby is born, they need to use these hormones to stimulate the body's development and continue to develop into a real boy. Life is really magical, right?


The 4-year-old boy suddenly fell in love with Ultraman and fell in love with the sword? 

Testosterone is at work, the second outbreak period.

After my son was four years old, one day, I was surprised to find that in addition to his favorite car, there were more knives, guns and swords in his toys, and I always loved the "hohohaha" with my father or grandpa. 

And suddenly, he was fascinated by cartoons such as Ultraman, Mech Hero, Burst Speed, Saint Seiya, etc., and he was obsessed with it. He dreamed of being such a hero all the time!


It is only now that the testosterone is causing trouble.

When the boy grows to 4 years old, testosterone surges-twice as much as before! 

Therefore, they will have a strong interest in combat, heroic behavior, and adventure games. 

The testosterone in the body increases sharply, and it needs a vent, which is the "naughty and active" for our headache!


Is the 14-year-old boy irritable?

A boy of twelve or three years old will suddenly become dull, muted, have no plans to do things, and have a mess of life. 

Immediately afterwards, the child was pimple-faced and irritable, which caused parents to worry about the child at this stage: what happened to the child?


In fact, testosterone is still causing trouble.

From the age of 11-13, the testosterone in the child's body increases dramatically again, which will reach as much as 8 times that of the toddler period, and reach the highest value at the age of 14.

 Parents pay close attention to observe that the child's limbs are soaring. 

Due to the rapid development, the boy's brain tissue reorganized, which caused them to become stagnant during those few months.


But this is precisely a sign of the child's adolescence. At the age of 14, when testosterone reached the highest value, acne blinked and spread on the boy's face, and strong sexual consciousness lingered in his brain, thus using irritability as a vent port.


The 25-year-old boy suddenly became positive?

My younger brother is a post-90s student. During his studies, he was radical and had some cynicism, which once became my worry. 

This worry suddenly surprised me after he graduated from work for one year.

At around 24 years old, he suddenly showed the charm of a man, recognized his struggle, his social circle gradually expanded, he worked hard at work, and what made me more happy was that he had tenderness towards his parents and changed it. 

In the past, "hostile" emotions shared a lot for me at once.


In fact, these changes in his body were still caused by testosterone. Twenty-four and five-year-old boys still have high levels of testosterone in their bodies, but after self-adaptation during adolescence, he can gradually control himself. 

What followed was that testosterone urged him to develop on the positive side, the boy became targeted, loved competition, eager to protect others, and creativity continued to emerge. 

The vigorous energy caused by this testosterone has become the most important passion pillar of the boy's career development.



The testosterone in the boy's body seems to be a "lift", different levels have different effects on him, showing different behavioral characteristics. 

To educate a child, you must first understand the child. Psychology is important, and physiology is equally important. Knowing the root of the problem, you should be more tolerant of the boy and treat the disease.




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