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Patanjali Illustrated Yogic Sutras or Yog Sutra of Patanjali

Patanjali Illustrated Yoga Sutra

Desire-completely unattached to people, places and things. (P31)
Yoga's final asanas are easy for outsiders to feel relatively soft. So some people have always believed that yoga is good for men and women. There are also extremists who misinterpret the abstinence in the Yoga Sutra. As everyone knows, "forbidden" means "not attached", not "prohibited". This is similar to the "color" in Buddhism. The "color" in Buddhism is the "color" understood by ordinary people. The "forbiddenness" of yoga is not the "forbiddenness" as understood by ordinary people, and the "desire" is not even the "desire" in the eyes of ordinary people. "Forbidden" stands for no attachment. If "prohibition" stands for "prohibition", this is actually another form of attachment. Perseverance is a source of annoyance. Perseverance, naturally has unlimited motivation. Naturally brings social and historical progress. 

Let's not just argue how much yoga contributes to social progress. This topic goes a long way. In fact, everything has its own natural laws. Pursuing, but not forcing. Everything needs to happen. Even troubles are normal, because life is originally "sweet and bitter", and only pursuing "happy life" is a one-sided understanding of life, like, without black, how do you know what is white. 
Life was originally an experience of various sensations. 
The troubles of the moment are just the moment, everything is born from the heart. You think it is trouble, it is trouble. You think it's nothing, it's nothing.

A saint is a person who has no worldly goals and ambitions and focuses on spiritual goals. He is a complete abandoner. He rejected this material world for the benefit of the afterlife. (P42)

 Everything has two sides. The sage's pursuit of self-sublimation has sacrificed the sublimation of the world and others. 
For the self-interest and pursuit of the secular people, they have brought the progress of the world and others.
It doesn't matter if it is noble or not, whether it is a lay person or a sage, it actually has "desires" and pursuits. It's just a different expression. 

Sometimes, we are too responsible for others and we are just irresponsible for ourselves. So this society always teaches us to be responsible people.
In this way, we can be educated as people who are responsible for others, because we are the caregivers. 

The caregiver wants us to be responsible, and we want to be rewarded. 
There is nothing wrong with this. Understand them, but don't forget to understand yourself. Be responsible to others, but also to yourself. 
After all, don't cling.
Health Fitness and Yoga Guru Patanjali'e Sutras

When a person has an involuntary love for God, he is considered a pure devotee. (P42)

    Love is a lasting concern for the lives of others. Love is dedication without return. Love is not just for God, but for mortals. 
Although the expression of love may not be the same for everyone, it is essentially the same. 
When you give, expect to return, this is no longer love, but exchange. But it does not mean that the exchange is not noble. It's just not love.

The sacred river Ganges, originated from the snow-covered Himalayas, respected by the Indians as the "Holy River" and "Mother of India".
In the Indian mythology, the Ganges was originally a goddess, She is the princess of Himahuat (meaning Snow King), who lives on earth to nourish the earth and rescue the people. (P44)

Xuan Zang, a high monk in the Tang Dynasty in China, went through a lot of hard work that year, and the ultimate Bliss Xitian he wanted to refer to was Varanasi in India. 
The ancient name "Gai corpse", which means "the land where the gods shine", is located in the southeast of Northwest India, on the left bank of the middle reaches of the Ganges. (P48)

"Being born" is not a perfect manifestation. On the contrary, it is a perfect manifestation with an attitude of non-persistent results and activities in accordance with norms and codes. (P75)

After the emergence of the Yoga Sutra, it was called the post-classical yoga period until the 19th century. During this period, many books such as the Yoga Upanishad appeared. 
Yoga practitioners no longer desire to be free from reality, but emphasize more. Explain reality. (P78)

The three gods Visnu, Shiva and Brahma are manifestations of different aspects of Brahma. 
The supreme god Vesnu, who is responsible for maintaining the universe, is the master of goodness.
 Brahma, the demigod who is responsible for creation, governs the attributes of passion;.
Shiva, who is responsible for destroying the universe, controls the attributes of ignorance. (P83)

    Brahma, the god of creation, Visnu, the god of protection, and Shiva, the god of destruction. Representing passion, kindness and ignorance. "Creativity" is a valuable thing. 
Creativity requires passion to develop. Throughout the ages, how many literati, scholars, and geniuses are beautiful, but whoever leaves a lot of creative treasures, mostly live in continuous passion.
 As managers and rulers, I don't want such passion to come too much, but life still needs such creativity. So human beings are constantly looking for passion and ordinary harmony.

Time flows like water. For a universe that is changing all the time, time is a powerful factor in the material world, which ultimately brings everything to destruction. 
Time in the spiritual world is always the present tense, but time in the physical world is divided into past, present and future. (277)

    The so-called "live in the moment", the explanation of this sentence is enough to reflect "yoga is a philosophy."

Go beyond black and white, leaving no trace. (P284)

Be objective and not subjective. State the facts without comment. That's it.
Today's behavior determines future destiny. 
The rebirth theory says that everyone's current state is constantly determined by the past karma, and the future karma is constantly produced. 
Neither death nor regeneration interrupt the process. So each of us is directly responsible for ourselves. (P285)

    Yesterday decided today, today decided tomorrow. Only you should be responsible for yourself. The responsibility of others for you is not what it should be. No one is born to enjoy life.

Waiting for the future to seek spiritual ascension or perfect oneself is evasion and irresponsibility to oneself. If our thoughts are worldly and material, we are simply continuing our earthly existence. 
Only transcendent thought can elevate our actions to a level beyond earthly relativity. Therefore, the moment is the best time to start cultivating transcendent thought. (P288)

Now, now, now. Living in the moment. After hearing more stories about the fragile lives of parents and friends, I began to know: there is nothing to think about tomorrow. Have a good day today, enough. Think better tomorrow, maybe life is fleeting. Have a good time today, be happy, do what you want to do, and go back. In fact, it used to be tomorrow, right now.
It reminds me a long time ago that I saw someone on a dating site that said: Believe in Buddhism, gather together if you don’t, and divide if you don’t.
At that time, I didn't think that this person was responsible. Then one day, suddenly suddenly opened up. This sense of responsibility is sometimes. Some people chant their responsibilities on their mouths all day long, but they don’t have a little conscience.

Healthy Yoga Practice exercises for fitness

Practicing yoga must have a healthy state of consciousness, the ability to focus on the moment. (P312)

Yoga is not just an exercise in asana. Even asana, it is not just the pursuit of the final state. Just like yoga's balanced asana, it is not only the pursuit of ultimate stability, but a process of suspending the body, a process of harmony, smoothness and stability. Practice yoga and practice focusing on the present, so is life.
 Too much attention to the past and future in life is like the lack of concentration when practicing yoga, it will only affect the current state and bring instability and imbalance.
 The past is a fait accompli that cannot be changed. If you have summarized it, just fine, no need to remember nostalgia or remorse.
 The future is unpredictable, just pursue it. Don't immerse yourself in pure vision. Any excessive attention to the past or future is a lack of focus on the present life.

Impact of Patanjali

Isa is committed to returning to the purest form of classic yoga-not yoga taught in yoga studios, yoga mentioned in the book, or various yoga innovations that have spread throughout the world without knowing any basic principles.
It is orthodox classic yoga, a science with amazing energy. 
As a way to make people reach a higher dimension, this is an integrated system, precise and detailed.

The first article in the "Classic Yoga" series of blog posts explored the basic element of Hatha Yoga-yoga asanas, and then we explored the man who brought yoga to the world, Adi Yogi, the first yogi. 
Now we are going to look at another great man who is known as the father of modern yoga-Patanjali.

 Partangali as half human and half snake

  Patanjali, often described as a half-human half-snake, wears a hood consisting of seven snakes.
 We know that he compiled the Yoga Sutra, and the master of Sanskrit grammar wrote Maha Pasha, a commentary on some of the rules of Sanskrit grammar and an Ayurvedic medical work. He is considered the father of modern yoga.

 Shiva was the first yogi and he has the most thorough understanding of the nature of man. However, Adi Yuji did not leave anything on the paper. 
He selected seven saints and taught them different aspects of yoga-and that's why the seven basic forms of yoga were formed. 
After a period of time, these seven forms have branched out and separated into hundreds of yoga systems, and once approached 1,700 different yoga genres. 
Seeing that yoga has become so complicated, Patanjali has written about two hundred classics, which absorb the essence of the entire yoga science, including anything that can be called the inner mechanism of human beings.

  Sagulu said Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra is like a formula: "If you don’t know the basic theory of relativity, and I say E = mc2 (mass energy formula), it sounds like Are three letters and a number the same?
For the same reason, these verses have no meaning to those who just look at it casually. Patanjali does not teach any practice. His success lies in that these verses are only meaningful to those who have reached a certain level of experience, otherwise they are just a bunch of words.

  At the beginning of this glorious work, Sagulu said, "When Patanga devoted his life to writing this great work on life, he started in a strange way. 
There are only half a sentence in Chapter One: 
"Now, it's time to practise yoga. "He means-if you do the job you want, you get the money you need, you even have your favorite wife or husband, but you still feel empty, then it's time to practice Yoga. 
But if you still think that the problem will be solved by building a new house or changing jobs, it is not the time to practice yoga. 
When you have already experienced all this and you know that there is no One that makes you feel fulfilled. Once you reach this state, 'Now, it's time to practice yoga.' "

  Usually, the symbol of Patanjali is half-human and half-snake because he has transcended the duality of life. Sagulu explained, "Patangali is described as a half-human, half-snake because he has a surprisingly keen sense of how human energy works.
 He explores every aspect of human energy and also examines your passing All levels that can be explored by transforming energy. 
Because his perception is so powerful, we say that it is inappropriate for him to have only two legs. He is like a snake, he can sense everything.

  With so many aspects of Patanjali, scholars find it difficult to believe that one's work covers such a wide range. 
As far as his intelligence is concerned, Sagulu said, "If you see his intelligence and his mastery of disciplines such as mathematics, astronomy, cosmology, and music, you will feel that a person can have such a profound knowledge of life. 
Understand, this is almost impossible. Now scholars argue endlessly, saying, "This cannot be done by one person, there must have been many people at the time. This has accumulated the hard work of everyone.’

Its not like that, this is done by one person. As a wise man, many great scientists of the present age may look like kindergarten children compared to them. He has made any statement about life. 
Actually, it's not fair, because whatever you want to work hard to explain, he has already stated it. He did not leave anyone a chance to elaborate on anything.

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