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Mysterious Disappearence of American Flu Virus During Coronavirus

The mysterious disappearance of the American flu virus during the outbreak of coronary pneumonia?

During the outbreak of new crown pneumonia, the American flu virus has disappeared mysteriously. International media reported on March 29 that there are many countries affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, and the United States is also among them. 

Although the United States is a major medical country, it is in the process of fighting the epidemic In the United States, the United States has not shown a good state. On the contrary, it is almost passive. 

Moreover, the United States has suffered from seasonal flu. The domestic situation is worse, and most people don’t care much. More and more people are suddenly infected with new coronary pneumonia. 

In addition, in the testing of some influenza patients, they were surprised to find that their symptoms are similar to those of new coronary pneumonia, so it is suspected that the degree of correlation between the two is high. How about it? Of course can.

US Response to Coronary Epidemic

US Response to Epidemic

i. When the new crown pneumonia epidemic emerged in China, the United States immediately responded, that is, grounding, which is reasonable to have a good effect, but the United States has still become the country with the most confirmed patients, so it can be guessed that the United States The control measures were not reasonable, or no grounding measures were taken for other countries, so that the domestic population was affected by their domestic residents. But at that time, there were not many patients in European countries. How did it affect many Americans? Maybe it is a big problem caused by flu patients in the United States.

ii. The new crown pneumonia epidemic may affect all people around the world, and the United States residents are no exception. After restricting the entry of tourists from other countries, the number of confirmed cases in the United States is still increasing. Can we say that the U.S. outbreak is caused by internal causes? That is, flu-induced neo-coronary pneumonia is indeed possible. You must know that most people in the United States do not wear masks. 
If the flu patient becomes an epidemic patient, it will naturally affect the public, and the relevant departments have an unshirkable responsibility.

iii. The United States does lack a large amount of medical resources. Medical staff are particularly in short supply, and the corresponding control methods are inadequate. Naturally, the epidemic has a chance to spread. 
The United States authorities must pay special attention to this. Find out and improve as soon as possible to fully control the epidemic. 
In addition, for the existence of many flu patients, if it is determined that they will become epidemic patients, then the strongest way of resistance must be made. 
This is because there are many flu patients in the United States, and the epidemic situation.
The number of patients is also increasing rapidly.

Many countries are very confused and somewhat convinced about the U.S. epidemic, because the situation in the U.S. may have been speculated for a long time. It is important to know that when other countries are fighting the new pneumonia epidemic. The U.S. authorities have not arranged for protection.

When there are patients in the country, at the time of the case, the US authorities still did not pay much attention to it. 
Presumably, they were caught in such a situation.

If the United States had taken precautionary measures early, would there be so many patients so far?

Maybe, because when the American flu "disappeared", the new crown pneumonia in the United States came urgently.


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