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Fatty Liver | Symptoms Causes Medicine Treatment Diet Grade 2 3

Symptoms Causes Medicine Treatment Diet Grade of Fatty Liver Disease

If liver possesses fat to some limit is normal but when about more than 10% of the weight of your liver is fat, we know it as fatty liver disease or disorder. Although such a disease is very common, but if it not detected within time, it can take serious form in the future. This is, as you can take no proper timely actions. Fatty liver affects nearly 1/3 of American adults and is one of the principal contributors to liver failure. Fat in your liver exposes your liver to a risk of inflammation, injuries, scarring etc. which may even lead to liver failure or cirrhosis. Luckily, this fatty liver disease is a reversible disease and only needs some alterations in your lifestyle for its treatment. Most people are not able to take proper care of their food and health with a busy life schedule. It has a direct impact on people’s health. Due to irregular routines and an unbalanced diet, many serious ailments take you under their control. One of these diseases is the problem of fatty liver. Here is an explanation of the causes, and symptoms associated with the fatty liver disease. At the same time, we will also study that what home remedies you can take to be free from this disease.

Problem of fatty liver medicine treatment etc showing  in a girl just representative view
Fatty Liver representative Portrait View

    What are the types of Fatty Liver?

    There are 2 types of fatty liver:
    1.       Alcoholic Fatty Liver: This type of fatty liver problem emerges owing to high alcohol consumption.
    2.        Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver: Diagnosis shows non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is mainly in people who are obese or sedentary and who eat a processed diet with high fats and sugars, or due to diabetes.

    Before discussing symptoms and factors of this disease, we will talk about the causes of fatty liver.

    What Causes fatty Liver?

    The few main reasons responsible to promote the problem of fatty liver that we can understand through a few points are:
    Alcohol Consumption: Consuming too much alcohol also is responsible fatty liver problems. If you do not control it in time, the possibility of liver malfunction becomes very high.

    Extra Calories - Excess of dietary calories in food create fat in the liver. The excess of fat in the liver evolves the problem of fatty liver. You may lose about 10 per cent of your bodyweight to improve the condition of fatty liver.

    Lack Of Liver Function: This is the most commonly happening reason of fatty liver problem. When the liver process is under affect for some reason, it is unable to carry out the process of breaking down fat. As the result, excess fat accumulation occurs in your liver. This causes the fatty liver problem for you.

    Specific Diseases: Diabetes and high-triglycerides (a type of fat found in the blood) cause increased risks pertaining ot liver. Fatty liver condition is linkable to diabetes, insulin resistance and also high levels of blood fats. Under such conditions, the possibility of fatty liver is quiet much.
    As per a study conducted during 2009, approximately 70% of people with type-2 diabetes might have fatty liver. The disease may increase more vigorously in the patients of diabetes.

    Obesity: We find Fatty Liver Disease to occur quiet often in people who are obese or overweight. An individual with central obesity which collects fat around their belly is more prone to develop the problem of non-alcoholic fatty liver.

    Rapid Weight Loss: Many people attain the problem of fatty liver while under the process of rapid weight loss. The reason to this is that the liver plays major role in the digestive processes. Under the circumstances of not getting the diet one needs, the liver process is under affect. Consequently, the diet that one takes, accumulates directly in the liver as fat.

    Note - In some people, we can find the fatty liver problem even if there is none of the reasons mentioned above. 

    How we diagnose fatty Liver? 

    Diagnosing fatty liver is not an easy matter. The reason to this is that no symptoms of fatty liver are seen during the initial days.

    However, it is possible that you go to the doctor for some other problem and after seeing that problem, the doctor may suspect that you are suffering from the problem of fatty liver. He may suggest some tests to confirm this. Let us consider most of all the tests to diagnose fatty liver, in proper order.
    • Details study of individual’s Medical History.
    • Blood test for liver enzymes. Elevated levels of liver enzymes (ALT and AST) in the blood can reveal fatty liver.
    • Diagnostic Imaging Test: Ultrasound of the abdomen, CT scan or Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) may give more precise information of fatty liver disease.
    • Examination of liver fat content and its stiffness.
    • Different tests including biopsy can confirm when the suspicion is too much.
    • When confirmation takes place, we consider alcohol consumption to determine whether the liver disease is alcoholic fatty liver or non-alcoholic fatty liver.
    • If you are regularly taking any medicine for any problem then you need to inform this to your doctor in order  to know whether a particular medicine is causing this fat.
    Doctor may suggest physical examination tests like weight and height to know whether obesity is the reason for this fat.

    Image showing Fatty Liver Disease Symptoms Cure Remedies

    What are the symptoms of fatty liver?

    Now we all know that that fatty liver problem is very common but in the initial days we can no symptoms. When we see the symptoms of fatty liver, it is too late. Medical experts believe that non-alcoholic fatty liver can cause liver damage without showing symptoms for many years or decades. We see symptoms pertaining to this only when the problem exaggerates. We can identify as:
    Discomfort in the upper abdomen: You may feel discomfort or pain in the upper right side of the abdomen which is most common and is one of the initial symptoms of fatty liver.
    Weight loss:  Fatty liver also affects the digestive process. Due to this, there is a lack of essential nutrients in the human body. As a result, as a symptom of fatty liver, the patient's weight begins to drop very quickly.
    Fatigue: One of the symptoms of fatty liver is that it makes the patient feel more tiredness. The reason is that due to this problem, there is low body energy in the patient.
    Stomach problems:  Fatty liver problem hampers the human body digestive process. Due to this, many stomach problems emerge in the patient of this disease.
    Weakness: The person suffering from fatty liver problem feels low energy in their body all the time due to lack of proper amount of nutrients that the body or liver can absorb.
    Experiencing confusion: Sometimes we can see a symptom of fatty liver as confusion in a patient suffering from this ailment.

    What are the risk factors in association with Fatty Liver?

    Fatty liver risks are of several types. Proper information and due care can prevent fatty liver from growing to a greater extent. Let us study these factors:
    Rapid weight loss: An intense desire to lose weight can also make you prone to the problem of fatty liver. The reason is that in the craving for weight loss, the individual also skips balanced diet. Due to this, the digestive process gets affect which has a bad effect on the liver.
    Obesity: Obesity can pose a major risk to your fatty liver. According to experts, increase in obesity makes this problem even much more serious.
    High blood pressure: One of the risk factors for fatty liver acid is hypertension or HBP problems. You need to control your BP in order to get rid of the problem of fatty liver.
    Diabetes: Fatty liver and diabetes are linked to each other by al experts. In many cases, fatty liver in your stomach causes an overdose of sugar in blood. On the same hand, diabetes problems can also increase the risk of fatty liver to you.
    High cholesterol: Higher Cholestrol in the blood can increase the problem of fatty liver. That is why it is important to control it in due time.
    High triglycerides: High triglycerides may prove to be a major risk factor for fatty liver trouble. It is very important to control its overdose else liver failure may also develop.
    Gastric bypass surgery: According to medical and health experts, in many cases we can see fatty liver problems in the patient after gastric bypass surgery.
    Effect of special drugs: According to health experts, some specialized drugs or medicines like calcium channel blockers, painkiller and cancer drugs may cause fatty liver.
    Intestinal diseases: Intestinal disease may also cause fatty liver predicament.

    What are some home remedies to cure fatty liver?

    Management of the critical condition of fatty liver is crucial to your overall health. Few of the studies published in the year 2008AD show that excess fat in the liver could set you more vulnerable to cardio-vascular diseases, in addition to the problem of diabetes.
    Although technically or medically there is no established treatment of fatty liver,  but losing weight, dietary changes to healthy diet and lowering your levels of blood fats may aid keeping the condition in check.      
    There are many common ingredients available in your home kitchen that can help you treat fatty liver. Let us make a study of them in a some detail:

    1. How to use Milk Thistle in Fatty Liver?

    Material Required
    1. 1 cup of hot water
    2. 1 to two teaspoon milk thistle tea
    3. Some Honey to Taste

    1. Put 1 or 2 spoons of milk thistle tea in half a cup of lukewarm water
    2. Leave it like this for 5 - 10 minutes
    3. Add little honey to sweeten, then drink
    4. Drink this 2 to 3 times in a day

    What are the Benefits of Milk Thistle in Fatty Liver Disease?

    Milk thistle is the most potent remedy for liver related disease and possesses hepato protective affects. Its regular use prevents yourself from liver damage and inflammation which may be a cause of alcoholic and non alcoholic fatty liver.
    According to medical experts, we find a special element called silymarin in milk thistle. This element possesses antioxidant and detoxifying properties which proves to be helpful in reducing the risk of cirrhosis of the liver.
    Milk thistle protects the liver from toxin like amatoxin, deadly toxin that dead cap mushroom produces. As per American Liver Society, use of Milk Thistle can restore normal liver function and structure that alcohol abuse or other damaging substance caused damage to.
    Thus, we can say that the use of milk thistle is the provable best natural remedy in relieving you from fatty liver problems.

    2. How to Treat Fatty Liver with Turmeric?

    The Material Needed
    1. 1 spoonful of turmeric
    2. 1 glass of milk
    1. Heat the milk
    2. Add 1 spoon of turmeric to it
    3. Mix well
    4. Drink this milk of turmeric
    5. Repeat the process daily

    What are the Benefits of Turmeric in Fatty Liver Disease?

    We know turmeric as a natural healer for all conditions. Turmeric has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antifungal, anti viral & anti bacterial properties.

    Such properties found in turmeric help to prevent liver infection and the related diseases naturally.
    In addition, these properties also prove advantageous in oxidative stress, balancing lipids and improving the insulin function process.

    Therefore, turmeric is considerable as helpful in removing all liver disorders. Further, this yellow spice helps the body's ability to digest fats and prevent its deposit or accumulation in the liver. 

    3. How to use Apple Cider Vinegar in Fatty Liver?

    Material Required
    1. 1 spoon of apple cider vinegar
    2.  1 spoon honey
    3.  1 glass hot water
    1. Add 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to get a glass of warm water
    2. Add 1 spoon of honey to it
    3. Mix well
    4. Now consume this mixture
    5. Repeat this process 1 to 2 times a day for 2 months to see clear difference


    What are the Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar in Fatty Liver Disease?

    Apple cider vinegar is 1 of the most effective home remedies for fatty liver problem. It induces weight loss and thereby aiding reduction in accumulation of fat in the liver.
    The acetic acid which is found in abundance in apple cider vinegar works in melting the excess fat present in the body by speeding up the metabolic activity.
    Also, apple cider vinegar supports healthy liver function by reducing inflammation.
    In addition, the antitoxin properties found in it are very helpful in removing the toxic substances present in your liver. For this reason, apple cider vinegar is considerable as an accurate way to get rid of fatty liver problem.

    4. How to use Lemon in fatty liver problem?

    Material Required
    1. Half lemon
    2. 1 glass water
    1. Take 1 glass of lukewarm water
    2. Add lemon juice to it
    3. Drink this lemon water
    4. Take this mixture 1 to 2 times a day
    5. You can use lemon with salads too

    What are the benefits of Lemon in Fatty Liver Disease?

    Lemons are rich in vitamin C, which is an effective antioxidant and helps the liver to produce glutathione. Glutathione promotes detoxification as it neutralizes toxins in the liver and also prevents scarring of the liver.
    According to medical researchers, antioxidant properties found in lemon is quiet effective to stop the oxidative stress found during fatty liver problem.
    Therefore, it can be said that lemon usable regularly to reduce the fat accumulation in the liver, thereby treating fatty liver problem, naturally.

    5. How to use Gooseberry or Amla in fatty liver Problem?

    Material Required
    1. 1 glass water
    2. 1 spoon honey
    3. 2 gooseberry

    1. Remove the gooseberry seeds and cut the pulp into pieces
    2. Put gooseberry pieces and water in the grinder machine and grind them properly
    3. Then filter it and separate it
    4. Mix 1 spoon of honey and drink it
    5. This process can be repeated 1 to 2 times a day
    6. Also, you can eat raw gooseberry or gooseberry jam directly

    What are the benefits of Gooseberry or Amla in Fatty Liver Disease?

    According to medical experts, gooseberry has some properties which work to increase protein which is helpful to the liver. These auxiliary proteins help to reduce liver risks by speeding up lipid pertaining metabolism.
    Gooseberry is rich in vitamin C which ensures the liver proper function and removal of toxins from it. Therefore, people believe that the use of gooseberry can be a very good option to get rid of the problem of fatty liver.

    6. How to use Bitter Gourd to treat fatty liver?

    Material Required
    1. 2 bitter gourd
    2. Lemon juice, as needed
    3. Salt to taste
    4. 1 glass water

    1. Cut the bitter gourd into small pieces
    2. Remove the seeds from the pulp and separate them
    3. Apply salt on these pieces so that their bitterness gets reduced
    4. Leave it like this for half an hour
    5. Put the bitter gourd in a grinder or juicer and grind it properly
    6. Sieve the paste prepared this way later with the help of cloth or sieve
    7. Mix lemon juice and salt in it, and drink
    8. Repeat this process daily once

    What are the Benefits of Biter Gourd in Fatty Liver Disease?

    According to experts, bitter gourd has miraculous properties that prevent inflammation and oxidative stress. It also has the ability to control those lipids that aid the development of the fatty liver. Therefore, it can be used to treat fatty liver. 

    7. What are the benefits of wheat grass in fatty liver?        

    Material Required                                                          
    1. 8 to 10 Wheat Grass
    2. 1 glass of water
    1. Put the wheatgrass and water in the grinder and grind well
    2. Sieve it later with help of cotton cloth
    3. Now drink it immediately
    4. Keep in mind, do not add lemon or salt in to at all
    5. Repeat this process 2 to 3 times daily


    What are the Benefits of Wheat Grass in Fatty Liver Disease?

    Medical experts conducting research have found that the antioxidant properties present in wheatgrass can prove beneficial for patients struggling with fatty liver troubles.
    In addition, the research has also found that use of wheatgrass can prove to be very beneficial in eliminating the problem of alcoholic fatty liver or fat that alcohol consumption causes in the liver.
    A research paper published in the journal ‘Phytotherapy Research” in March 2006 found that wheatgrass is helpful in reducing the lipid formation in the liver of rats under the study. Nutrients of wheatgrass have liver detoxifying effect.

    8. How to use Linseed seeds in Fatty Liver?

    Material Required
    1. 1 spoonful of flaxseed powder
    2. 1 glass of hot water
    3. Lemon juice for taste
    4. Honey for taste

    1. Pour flaxseed powder into hot water
    2. Mix well
    3. Add lemon juice and honey to this mixture according to your taste
    4. Then drink it.
    5. Drink this mixture 2 to 3 times daily for the best results

    What are the Benefits of linseed seeds in Fatty Liver?

    Linseed contains Omega-3 fatty acid and fibers that help in inhibiting attenuate oxidative stress and inflammation in liver.

    In research, medical experts found out that the specific nutrients that we find in flaxseed seeds could be helpful in the control of non-alcoholic fatty liver (NAFL) problem.
    Therefore, it is said that flaxseed seeds can be helpful in treating the fatty liver problem.

    9. How to use Licorice in fatty Liver?

    Material Required
    • 1/2 little teaspoon licorice or licorice powder
    • ½ cup of hot water
    • Add the powder of licorice seeds in 1/2 a cup of hot water
    • Leave it like this for 10 minutes
    • Then filter it and drink
    • Repeat this process daily for 1 week
    • Then repeat same process after a gap of a few weeks

    What are the benefits of Licorice in Fatty Liver?

    Based on the medical research in this regard, experts believe that the use of licorice or its seeds can work to relieve the problem of the fatty liver caused as the result of excessive consumption of alcohol.
    The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties found in it are known to be capable of relieving this problem. We also know that Licorice helps to fight hepatitis virus.

    Nota Bene:  It is advisable to avoid the use of licorice during winter. The reason is its cooling effect. You may seek expert advice for further nformation.

    10. How to use Coffee to lower abnormal liver enzymes?            

    Several studies are reporting that coffee drinking people with fatty liver disease drinking 2 or more cups of coffee a day have lesser liver damage than those who do not consume this caffeine laden beverage.
    Caffeine appears to lower the number of abnormal liver enzymes in people at risk of liver disease. Production of a chemical called paraxanthine take place when the body digests caffeine in coffee, which slows scarring of liver tissue. 
    We know Paraxanthine to be fighting non alcoholic fatty liver disease, alcoholic cirrhosis and liver cancer as well. Kahweol and cafestol are 2 chemicals that we find in coffee that lower incidents of hepatocellular carcinoma.
    The hepatoprotective effect of coffee is found in instant, filtered and espresso coffee. So it is advisable to drink at least 2 cups of coffee a day to keep fatty liver problem away. 

    11. How to use Dandelion to promote Liver Health?

    What You Need?

    •         1 Teaspoon of dandelion leaves (crushed & dried)
    •         1 Cup of Boiling Water
    •         Orange or Lemon Juice
    •         Honey for Taste

    •         Take the dried leaves in a clean cloth and tie the cloth
    •        Dip the cloth with leaf in the boiling water for 8 minutes.
    •         Add honey and squeeze half lemon to test.
    •         Take this tea once a day
    •         Freshly cut dandelion leaves can be also used as a salad

    What are the Benefits of Dandelion in Fatty Liver Disease?

    Experts regard Dandelion roots as liver tonic for a long time. People believe that dandelion root tea can detoxify the liver and relieves the symptoms of fatty liver.
    According to a recent study in the year 2017, some polysaccharides available in dandelion are beneficial for liver function.
    Another study suggests that flavonoids present in dandelion leaves are effective in alleviating fatty diet induced nonalcoholic fatty liver.

    12. How to use Papaya in Fatty Liver problem?

    Material Required                                                                                       
    • 5 to 6 pieces of papaya
    • 1/2 glass of milk
    • Pour papaya pieces in grinder with milk
    • Let them mix well
    • Then drink the shake prepared
    • Repeat the process daily
    Note - You can also use papaya pieces directly for eating

    What are the Benefits of Papaya in the Fatty Liver Disease?

    Dietary fats are one of the major causes of fatty liver disease. Ayurveda says that the enzymes present in papaya help to burn off this dietary fat. Both the pulp and seeds of papaya are effective in burning these dietary fats. Thus, papaya can naturally prevented fatty liver.

    13. How green tea is helpful in fatty liver?

    Material Required
    • 1 spoon green tea
    • 2 cups of water
    • Put two cups of water in the pan and keep it to boil
    • Once it comes to a boil, add a teaspoon of green tea to it
    • Once again, wait for it to boil up
    • After boiling and filter the green tea in a cup
    • Add half a teaspoon of honey to it for sweetness
    • Green tea can be consumed 2 to 3 times a day to keep the fatty liver disease at bay

    What are the Benefits of green tea in Fatty Liver Disease?

    Green tea contains high density catechins which prevent fat accumulation and improve liver function in people suffering from non-alcoholic fatty liver.
    At the same time, the most important and special are polyphenols which are organic chemicals found in it.
     According to experts, these polyphenols found in it can be helpful in reducing all liver-related risks.
    Expert research findings support the view that green tea can block the amount of fat stored in liver and can improve its function as well.
    Thus, green tea is usable to treat a fatty liver. It is also helpful in lowering cholesterol, and aids sleep.

    14. How to use ginger in fatty liver problems?

    Material Required
    • 1 cup of hot water
    • 1 piece of ginger
    • Honey for taste
    How to use                    
    • Put ginger in cup of hot water
    • Leave it like this for about 10 minutes
    • Add honey for taste and to reduce the bitterness of ginger
    • Drink honey after mixing well
    • Take this about 4 times a day

    What are the Benefits of ginger in Fatty Liver Disease?

    According to medical experts, ginger has powerful antioxidant and hypolipidemic or fat breaker effects. Ginger also works as insulin sensitize and thus helps fighting diabetes.
    Therefore, people believe that this effect may prove beneficial in the treatment of non-alcoholic fatty liver.

    15. How to use Aloe Vera in fatty liver?                    

    Material equired                                                                                
    • 1/2 glass of water
    • Salt for taste
    • 2 fresh leaves of aloe vera
    • Separate the pulp from aloe vera fresh leaves
    • Pour it into the grinder and ½ glass of water
    • Grind well
    • Add salt to the prepared juice and drink
    • Repeat the process daily

    What are the benefits of aloe vera in fatty liver?

    Medical experts say that aloe vera hypoglycemic (lowering blood sugar) property and also of anti-obesity.
    Also, research on these properties confirm that regular use of aloe vera may be helpful in curing fatty liver symptoms.

    15. How to use tomatoes in fatty liver?

    Material Required
    • 2 tomatoes
    • Use Tomatoes as salad
    • Eat Tomatoes Directly after cutting into pieces
    • Include while preparing foods
    • Use by making soup or ketchup

    What are the Benefits of Tomato in Fatty Liver Disease?

    Medical experts say that the use of lycopene, an important red pigment in tomato, is helpful in curing inflammation and damage in liver by the use of alcohol.
    Due to this it is suggestable that the use of tomatoes provides benefits in removing the disease of alcoholic fatty liver.
    Nota Bene – Some Medical Experts opine that the use of tomatoes with alcohol consumption may be harmful.       

    16. How to use Onion in Fatty Liver?

    Need of the Material

    • 4 pieces of onion


    • Use pieces of onion with food in morning and night
    • Include onion in preparing any food
    • Can use it by making salad with dishes

    What are the Benefits of Onion in Fatty Liver Disease?

    According to medical experts, onions contain a sulfur-containing compound allicin that supports liver detoxification. This is also able to reduce the chances of fatty liver.
    You can draw the best benefit of allicin when you finely crush or chop it. Thus, onion consumption  is effective in the management of the non-alcoholic fatty liver.

    17. How to use fruits to treat fatty liver?

    Use of fruits  can prove to be helpful in getting rid of this trouble. The reason to this is that dietary fibers in fruits are helpful in relieving obesity. In the article, there is already existing citation that obesity is considerable as a major risk factor for fatty liver. Under such situations, controlling obesity by eating fruits can relieve you to a large extent by benefitting you in your problem of fatty liver.

    After discussing the fatty liver-related home medication, we will now take on the treatment of fatty liver.

    How can I treat my fatty liver problems?

    Fatty Liver Treatment: There is no definitive medicine or treatment available so far for the problem of fatty liver. The doctors can only provide information on its evasion.
    They may also advise to have surgery or liver transplant in case the problem is excessive, as at the last stage as these are the only options available. Let us discuss the remedies that a physician may advise to adopt during the treatment of fatty liver.

    • Stop or reduce alcohol use
    • Control your diet to reduce the increased cholestrol
    • Lose weight in case you are overweight
    • Perform physical activity
    • Do not try to stop eating or eating during the cycle of weight loss as this may increase risk
    • Doctor may provide dietary advice may be, which can be relieve the problem of fatty liver
    • Control your Blood Sugar.
    • In case there is no diabetes but have non-alcoholic fatty liver problems, vitamin E may be advisable
    Now we will discuss about exercises to get relief from fatty liver problems.

    What exercises can I perform to treat fatty liver?

    As discussed earlier, a sedentary lifestyle or lack of physical activities is an important contributing factor to fatty liver disease.

    If you are obese it will also add to your fatty liver problem. Thus, if you are able to lose about 10% of your body weight you may be able to improve your fatty liver conditions. 

    Perform physical work in some way or the other everyday to overcome this condition. 

    Physical exercises can be done in any way where your body is able to make proper movements like yoga, reiki, walking, jogging, running, skipping, zumba, etc.   

    Any form of physical activity will be helpful to control fatty liver disease naturally. 

    Generally, 30 minutes of workouts will be sufficient. You may begin with low-impact workouts and make a gradual move on towards high-impact exercises.

    It is better to start under expert physical  activity guidance. Regular exercise will assist to speed up your metabolism effectively and help you to maintain proper liver functions. 

    If you club your workout with a healthy and balanced diet it will be more effective on your fatty liver.

    Research in this regard found that low-intensity exercise like aerobics performed with high intensity may exhibit signs of improvement in fatty liver dysfunction. While, in case more exercise is done with less intensity, this may probably have better impact than before. In this context it is derivable that aerobics like exercises are more impactful than other form for exercises for fatty liver problems.

    What are some tips to prevent fatty liver problem?

    Some of the applicable measures to avoid fatty liver are:
    • Control blood sugar or diabetes
    • Reduce obesity with physical nutrition
    • Quit or minimize alcohol intake
    • Always take balanced and healthy diet
    • Pay attention to physical activities performance
    • Keep in regular touch with your physician
    • Reduce the amount of triglyceride increased by the way of both food and medicine
    Thus with the above analysis it is that what is fatty liver problem, its symptoms and treatment.

    This write-up tells you about several home remedies to get rid of your fatty liver problem. This also presents a detailed ways to diagnose and prevent it with proper suggestions. 

    You may go through the above text and according to your individual condition may take suggestions form a medical expert to be very sure. 

    The ways are all natural and people know them as without any adverse side effects. Thus, their implementation may be very helpful to help you with relief and overcome your adverse condition of liver health.

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