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Dental Emergency FAQs. Drugs Kit Book Emergencies Management

What is Dental Emergency Management?

Dental Emergency Management: Dental emergency is something that anybody can have at any time. You can feel pain and discomfort in your dental region but that does not always mean that you are having a dental emergency. Although, it is not right to neglect any intense pain or discomfort as that can be a dental emergency. Some symptoms of dental emergency are intense pain or discomfort. Bleeding, broken or loose teeth.
Emergencies are mainly caused due to some accidents such as if you fall face first on a hard surface or bite into something hard.

A dentist making dental emergency care at a dentist's clinic. Image Simulation
Dental Emergency Care

    What are the most common types of dental emergencies?

    The most common types of dental emergencies are:
    • Broken teeth
    • Gum abscesses
    • Pulpal abscesses
    • Swelling and bleeding
    • Inflammation around wisdom teeth
    • Trauma to tooth due to accident
    • Pain while biting, which is often related to infection or cracked tooth

    As we know that Dental  Emergencies may also involve swelling, bleeding and severe pain from a variety of causes. 
    It is important to get treatment through a qualified dentist and go for proper diagnosis and treatment of the problem.
     In case you do not do this, you may opine that something will resolve the problem, but unfortunately the treatment options chosen by you may have nothing to do with the problem. Thus, ignorance may lead to greater issues.

    Dental Emergency FAQs

    What do I do if I have a broken or loose tooth?

     Do not panic if you have a broken or loose tooth. Although, even if there is no pain as such, it is still important that you should rush to a dentist right away.
    A loose or broken tooth can lead to more fatal cases as there are many types of bacteria and harmful particles around and if they get into your gums, then you can suffer from some dangerous infection.

    You should always protect your tooth or it will lead to harmful effects such as decay, infection and so on. 
    You should visit a dentist right away to get your broken tooth fixed as soon as possible before some bacteria attacks it.

    What is the duration of a toothache?

    If you are thinking how long will this painful toothache last for, the answer is not definite.
    The duration depends on the reason of the pain or discomfort. It can be due to some fatal accident or maybe some infection inside.
    If the pain or discomfort stays for more than a day, then you should visit a dentist immediately.

    Sometimes, people suffer from tooth ache due to some common reasons such as cold, biting something hard, etc, then the toothache stays for just a few hours.

    Care of teeth during emergencies and taling help of a dentist whenever required image simulation

    I want to remove something stuck between my teeth. How do I do that?

    Often when we are eating, some food particles gets stuck in between our teeth and it is very irritating.
    If you have got some object or food item stuck in between your teeth, you can try to remove it with the help of dental floss.

    You can smoothly try to remove the object or the food particle. You should avoid using any kind of sharp objects to remove objects or particles stuck in between your teeth as it can cause more damage to your teeth region.

    If you still cannot get it out using dental floss, then you should consult a dentist right away to get rid of the particle stuck in between your teeth. If you do not then it can lead to infections.

    I have chipped tooth. What should I do?

    If you have chipped tooth, you should immediately fix an appointment with your dentist. 
    With the help of dental filling or bonding, your dentist will fill up the space quickly. 
    It is the most safe way to repair any sort of issue with chipped tooth.

    What will happen if you lose tooth filling?

    If you notice that you are losing tooth filling, then you must visit the dentist right away as soon as possible.

    At your pharmacy or grocery, you can find a lot of dental cements that is ideal for you to use as a temporary gap filler as you wait for the permanent cure.

    You can also use sugar free gum so you cover the cavity of your teeth. You should make sure that the sugar free, because if the sugar is provided in that area around the cavity, then you will suffer from severe pain and discomfort.

    I have a broken tooth and suffering from tremendous toothache. What should I do?

    Dental Emergency Drugs for broken teeth: Broken tooth is pretty normal among athletes. 
    It can happen when due to any sports injury and hence is very common. So, you must be cautious of the happenings.

    Broken tooth can cause tremendous toothache, and it can become very uncomfortable for you.
    It is recommended that you should take a medicine or dental emergency drugs such as ibuporfen to get rid of the severe pain caused due to broken tooth. It will also reduce swelling and inflammation.

    You can also reduce pain and swelling if you apply cooling or heating items such as a heating pad or ice pack. 
    You should place it close the pain area.
    Lastly, you have to fix an appointment date with your dentist right away as keeping your broken tooth as it is and neglecting it is not a good idea. So you should take important measures right away.

    What should you do if your child’s baby tooth is broken?

    Dental Emergency Drugs for broken teeth of kids: Children often suffer from dental issues and it is important that you take care of your kids the right away. 
    When your child has a broken tooth due to some injury, then you should immediately consult a pediatric or emergency dentist very fast.

    A baby tooth is not replanted because there is the potential for damage as the tooth starts to develop. So you should consult your dentist right away if your baby’s tooth is knocked out. 
    Do not let your children suffer from the tremendous pain for a long time.

    How can I take care of a critical jaw fracture?

    This is the kind of dental emergency that requires immediate medical assistance.
    Do not simply waste time on going to the hospital, call for a medical help right away.

    A severe jaw injury can be life threatening and extremely dangerous. So, you better not waste time as this is the kind of situation that is not generally covered by dental insurance as it falls under medical so you should think about that beforehand. 
    Get medical help immediately after a jaw injury as it can be fatal.

    Medical assistance will be the best option to take care of the situation. 
    Do not try to do anything on your own as it will only lead to more damage.

    Why should I go to an emergency dentist?

    When you are having intense dental pain and discomfort, you should immediately rush to an emergency dentist.
    The emergency dentist will inspect the situation and will try to relieve you from the pain and discomfort you are facing.

    The dentist will make sure that the pain is not there anymore and will also prevent from any further damage to your dental region.

    Also, dental injuries are not always visible outside. Sometimes, there can be issues with your inner gum part that can only be caught with the help of X Rays, or other medical methods that is only available at a dentist’s chamber.

    So, you must not delay if you are suffering from any kind of dental pain and discomfort because the more you delay, the problem will become more serious and can turn out to be fatal. 

    What are the steps that I should take before going to an emergency dentist?

    There are some ways that can help you to get rid of the immense dental pain caused due to some injury during an accident or sports injury. 
    You can apply a cold compress to your cheek or chin area where the pain is present.

    You can also take a bag of frozen peas and keep it stuck to your chin or cheek to get rid of the immediate pain.
    Keep it like that for a few minutes and then remove the compress and wash your mouth with lukewarm water to wash away all the blood present in your mouth. Keep repeating this process 2-3 times.

    If the bleeding still does not stop, then you must rush to a dentist immediately as it is of utmost urgency.
    Any sport injury can knock off teeth or make them loose, you should keep it as it is till you see the dentist.
    Do not eat any solid food during this period as that can break the loose teeth and can cause more pain.

    How can I get relief from the pain and discomfort in my tooth?

    Toothache can be caused due to many reasons. If you have faced an accident or sports injury and that knocked your teeth out or made it loose, then you should compress your chin or cheek where the hurt region is and with a frozen bag of peas or any cold compress works.

    Then, after 2-3 minutes you have to rinse your mouth with lukewarm water to get rid of the blood present in your mouth. 
    If your tooth is still bleeding, you should immediately go to a dentist emergency.

    Toothache can also be caused due to any food particle or debris stuck in between your teeth region. 
    To get rid of that, gently brush around the teeth and gum where you feel the pain and discomfort to get rid of the trapped food particle or debris present.

    If you are still feeling toothache after that, then you should consult an emergency dentist at the earliest and get rid of the pain and discomfort.

    What to do when my child’s permanent teeth is knocked out?

    Do not panic if your child’s permanent tooth has been knocked out First of all, you have to look for the tooth and you are in luck if its not broken. Then gently rinse it in cold water.

    DO NOT USE SOAP to rinse it, only use water. Then, if you can do it, replace the tooth back again in the gum socket immediately and keep it there holding it for some time with a clean gauze or using a washed cloth.

    If you can do it, then great. If not, then keep the tooth in a super clean hygienic container with saliva, cold milk and water. Then, go the emergency dentist as soon as you can.

    Remember, you have to the whole thing really quickly or else your chances of saving your child’s permanent tooth will be diminished.

    What should I do in case of a severe jab to the head or jaw fracture?

    Accidents are natural and we cannot do anything to avoid it. A blow to the head or jaw fracture is quite a common injury in any sports injury or any accident.

    If you have a severe blow to your head or jaw fracture or if your friend or family is victim to the same, then you should immediately take them to the emergency dentist.
    Medical attention is a must in this case. Remember, taking the patient to the hospital can take up a lot of time. Hence, you should call an emergency medical team right away.
    If you delay, then the injury can be life threatening as well so you have to act quick.

    How much does dental emergency cost?

    The cost of dental emergency depends on a lot of factors such as the patient age, cause of injury, how serious it is and so on. It varies so the price also is different in different cases. But if you are looking for an average estimate, then it is around $350.

    During dental emergencies, it is hard to keep your head calm and hence all the dental emergency clinics and hospitals have tied up with health insurance companies and financial companies to make sure that you do not have to spend a lot and so that you have a more flexible kind of a payment option.

    How to prevent myself from having any kind of dental emergencies in the future?

    Although, if it is meant to be, it will happen, but there are some ways how you can prevent yourself from suffering from any kind of dental emergency in the future. 

      ·  Conclusion

           You can minimize the risk by:

    1.     Brushing your teeth at least twice in a day using fluoride toothpaste and soft bristled toothbrush.
    2.      You should also floss daily.
    3.    Wear a sturdy mouth-guard when you are playing any kind of sports
    4.     Your tooth is not a scissor or any other tool
    5.      Do not nib or chew on any inedible object
    6.       You should visit an emergency dentist at least twice a year for regular check up and cleaning process.

    Anatomy of Dental Areas, diagrammatic view
    Dental Anatomy

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