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Breast Lumps Treatment and Cure

 Treatment and Cure of Breast Lumps

What are the Measures (Treatment) against Breast Lumps?

1. Surgical treatment

 The method used is surgical resection. Its advantage is that fibroids are removed quickly. The disadvantage is that the recurrence rate is extremely high, close to 100%. Now this treatment plan is suitable for larger single fibroids and menopausal women. it is good.

2. Western medicine treatment or traditional Chinese medicine plus Western medicine treatment:

 This method is a hormonal therapy, the effect is faster, but the drug is issued immediately, suitable for shrinking the tumor before surgery, easy to operate, and suitable for faster growing tumors.

3. Ayurvedic medicine treatment

 The disadvantage is that the tumor elimination speed is slower than surgery and Western medicine treatment. The advantage is that the side effects are small, the anti-relapse rate is good, the disease can be stabilized without spreading or transferring, and the removal effect is relatively better. satisfaction.

Similar symptoms:    Smooth and tough spherical mass in the breast

How can I treat my Breast Lumps?

For breast lump treatment understanding you need answers to the questions that often occur when patients with breast lump go to the hospital for example, for example:
what department number is the breast lump attached to? 
What diseases might breast lumps suffer from? 
Symptoms that are easily confused with breast lumps? 
What do doctors usually ask? and many more. 

The breast lump treatment guide aims to facilitate the treatment of breast lump patients and solve the doubts of breast lump patients.

The recommended consultation department is Breast Surgery

Consider Possible disease for Treatmnent Analysis

    1. Gynecomastia, which may be accompanied by breast lumps, breast sclerosis and other symptoms, should go to breast surgery or endocrinology.
    2. Milky hair may be accompanied by breast swelling, heat, pain, high fever, restlessness and other symptoms, you should go to the Chinese medicine department for treatment.
    3. Milk carbuncle, which may be accompanied by milk stasis, breast lumps, breast tenderness and other symptoms, should go to the Chinese medicine department or obstetrics.
    4. Mastitis, which may be accompanied by breast lumps, breast tenderness, local tenderness and other symptoms, should go to the gynecologist.

How are breast lump symptoms caused? What are the diseases that cause breast lump symptoms?

1. The fibrous cystic change: it is the most common benign change in the breast, also known as the water tumor, and its incidence increases with age.

2. Fibroadenoma: It is a benign tumor, which is more common in younger women; it is rare after menopause.

3. Breast cancer: The older you get, the easier it is to get it. Therefore, most of the breast cancer patients are women over 50 years old. In addition, factors that increase women ’s chances of developing breast cancer include immediate family members (mothers / sisters) who have had breast cancer, early menstrual cramps / delayed menstruation, and no births.

4. Bacterial breast inflammation associated with breastfeeding.

Clinical manifestations and initial diagnosis of breast lump symptoms? How to relieve and prevent?

Clinically, the more painless breast lumps, the more attention should be paid. Because painless breast lumps happen to be one of the characteristics of breast cancer. In general, inflammatory breast lumps are often accompanied by more severe breast pain. 

The lumps are also accompanied by obvious inflammatory reactions such as redness, swelling, heat, and pain. The lumps can be purulent and ulcerated. After drainage, inflammation subsides and the mass can disappear. Hyperplastic breast lumps, often accompanied by premenstrual breast tenderness. 

After menstruation, the pain can be reduced, and the lumps can also be reduced. The lumps are often multiple, soft or tough, and the local area can be as light as Moderate tenderness can improve to varying degrees after symptomatic treatment with drugs.
Treatment of Lumps in Breasts

What is the difference between breast mass and benign?

Clinically, the symptoms of benign and malignant transformations are difficult to distinguish in terms of form, size, density, borders, etc. However, the diagnosis can be made with the help of infrared and x-ray molybdenum targets to provide a correct diagnosis.

First of all, from the morphological point of view: good changes are more regular, and they are round, oval, patchy, nodular, and string-like. The boundaries are clear, most of them are bilateral, and there are multiple lumps.
Regular block shape, blurry borders, uneven surface of the mass, mostly a single mass on one side.

From the texture point of view: good quality and toughness, most of them harden before the tide.  Malignant, hard and hard like stone, has nothing to do.

From the point of view of activity: the degree of activity of good changes is large, and there is no adhesion to other tissues, such as fibroadenoma, hyperplasia, etc. Malignant transformation is often associated with adhesion, and the degree of activity is poor.

From the skin surface and nipple analysis: most of the good changes have no skin changes and no nipple inversion (except for congenital nipple inversion). A small number of patients have secretions on the nipple, and the secretions are mostly water-like or milk-like, such as cystic hyperplasia Disease, plasma cell-like inflammation.
Malignant masses, orange peel-like, dimple-like changes around the skin, inverted nipples (except for congenital inverted nipples), nipple secretions are mostly bloody, pale yellow, serum-like discharge, etc.

From the point of view of growth rate: good growth grows slowly, the course of the disease varies from one year to several years, malignant growth grows rapidly, and may grow to the size of a fist in a few months.

What are some Confusing symptoms pertaining to Breast Lumps?

    Smooth and tough spherical lumps in breasts, breasts with varying numbers of nodules like soybeans, and subcutaneous nodules in female breasts with superficial and hard like elephant skin
Treatment of Breasts Lumps

What are the Related Inspection of breasts for Lumps?

    1. Breast lymph node experiment

Breast lymph node experiment is a method of removing tissue by performing surgery, using molecular biotechnology to break down and replicate node tissue in a special solution, and determine whether the patient has breast in 30 minutes to 45 minutes. Methods of cancer.

    2. Breast palpation

Breast palpation is the use of palpation to examine the breast. The main point of palpation is to understand whether the breast has lumps and the nature of the lumps.

    3. Breast inspection

Breast inspection is to use the method of inspection to inspect the breast, observe the breast for abnormal appearance, and prompt the existence of the lesion.

    4. Breast examination

Breast examination is a routine examination to check whether the breast has changed.

What are the Common consultation queries for breasts with Lumps?

    1. Describe when the breast lumps started and whether they were caused by obvious causes (obvious changes in diet, daily life)?
    2. Describe the detailed characteristics and development process of breast lumps, the degree of breast lumps continues to increase? Is there time to get relief? Under what circumstances can it be relieved? Wait
    3. Are breast lumps accompanied by other symptoms,
    4. Do you use your own medicine? What medicine? Are the symptoms relieved after using the medicine?
    5. Any history of drug allergy?
    6. Are there other underlying diseases? (Diabetes, hypertension, gout, etc.)

Can breast lumps be cured?

Sample Problem description: Over the past two to three years, work has become increasingly stressful. I work in the hotel every day for a long time. After going home from work late every day, my husband still quarrels with me. I am mad at death, and ignore him. 
After a long time, I found that my breasts have lumps and lumps. Can the doctor cure them?

Condition analysis 1: The appearance of breast lumps is considered to be caused by breast cystic hyperplasia or breast fibroma. The pain symptom is severe, and use non-steroidal drugs for analgesia. It is recommended to go to the gynecology department of the hospital in time to pass the breast ultrasound examination. Cystic hyperplasia of the breast is generally painful during the menstrual cycle and can be treated with drugs that promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis. Breast fibroids are recommended to be treated by minimally invasive surgery.

Condition analysis 2: The main consideration for the presence of lumps in the breast may be caused by excessive work pressure or often bad mood, so it is prone to some breast hyperplasia. Specifically, you need to go to the hospital for further examination. You can also drink some rose tea, or take some medicines that relieve the liver and regulate the qi and disperse the blood. Please follow the doctor's advice for specific medications, and you can also massage the parts yourself.

Condition analysis 3: Most breast lumps are benign, benign breast lumps can be cured, only a small part of malignancy, breast lumps cannot be cured, your situation may be caused by breast hyperplasia Lumps, you can use some antibiotics, iodine preparations and tamoxifen drugs for combined treatment, the effect is relatively good, maintain a good mood in daily life.

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