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Rumor of the US Version of Coronavirus is very popular

Rumors of the US Version of Corona virus 

The rumor of the US version of the new crown is very popular.
Recently, there have been a lot of wonderful ideas related to the prevention and treatment of new coronary pneumonia in the United States. Some communicators still have a medical background, seriously telling their scientific basis.
These rumors have made the US government, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and other agencies panic. They have started various "counterfeiting" activities on the official website.

Next, we take a look at the rumors that are circulating in the United States.

6 US version new crown rumors

Rumor 1: Drinking "Yiquan Tangli Water" containing "quinine" can prevent new coronary pneumonia

The so-called tonic water is a transliteration of Tonic Water, also known as tonic water and Tongning soda.
It is flavored with Quinine (also known as cinchona) as the main spice, with a natural bitter taste of plants. Foreigners often use it to make cocktails.

Quinine is a plant-based alkaloid extracted from the bark of the Quinine Tree (also known as Chinchilla Tree), which has the effect of fighting malaria.

Around 1850, the British dissolved quinine in carbonated water and gave it to soldiers sent to combat in tropical regions such as Africa and India (also areas with high incidence of malaria) to play a role in preventing malaria.

In the early tonic water, the quinine content was very high, and the taste was too bitter. 
Therefore, the soldiers invented a method of mixing quinine water with gin (a kind of wine) and drinking it to reduce the bitterness.

Simulation on Coronavirus Rumours and Facts

After this new invention was brought back to the British mainland, it became a popular cocktail recipe.

Today's tonic water will add sugar, lemon or other fruity ingredients, and greatly reduce the content of quinine, which is more friendly to public taste.

Quinine is a drug used to treat malaria

Key points: Quinine is a drug used to treat malaria, and there is no clear scientific basis for the effect of new coronavirus. 
Therefore, don't expect Tang Lishui to prevent or treat new coronary pneumonia.

In addition, pregnant women are not recommended to drink tonic water often. Excessive drinking may cause side effects, resulting in miscarriage or fetal dysplasia.

Rumor 2: Adding more "zinc" can treat new coronary pneumonia

There is currently no evidence that zinc can prevent or treat new coronavirus pneumonia.

If you believe the rumors and ingest a large amount of zinc supplements, causing excessive zinc supplementation, it may have serious consequences. 
For example, it may develop into diseases such as coronary heart disease and arteriosclerosis. 
Dizziness, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, fever, epigastric pain, and mental insufficiency may also occur, which may lead to kidney failure and even death.

Key points: Zinc supplementation must be carried out carefully and under the guidance of a doctor. 
Long-term large-dose zinc supplementation may cause zinc poisoning.

Rumor 3: "Silver spray" is more effective in preventing new coronary pneumonia than alcohol hand sanitizer

Silver spray is indeed a disinfectant, which can kill some bacteria and viruses.

In 1893, the German botanist Nageli proposed a "microdynamic mechanism" for silver ion disinfection, that is, trace amounts of silver can be released into water and diffuse into microbial cells without external help, so that microorganisms continue to absorb silver ions and accumulate To the extent of poisoning, and then death.

The study pointed out, among many metal ions, the one with the strongest disinfection ability is silver ion.

In the 1950s, scholars from the former Soviet Union used electrolysis devices to prepare silver and used it to disinfect drinking water, which solved the problem of storage of drinking water for aerospace and navigation.

Studies have indeed pointed out that silver ions have a killing effect on viruses, but there are many kinds of viruses. 
At present, viruses that have been proven to be killed by silver ions include poliovirus, and viruses that are part of the digestive tract, such as hepatitis B virus.

As a new virus, the new coronavirus, the killing effect of silver ions on it is not clear, and can not be compared with medical alcohol. 
If the effect is obvious, medical institutions have long chosen this kind of disinfectant.

Key points: Silver ions are heavy metals, which can cause bodily harm if not used properly. 
Concerning the accumulation of silver ions in the human body and the metabolism of silver ions by different organs, there is still controversy, and the safety needs to be further evaluated.

At present, silver ions are widely used in the aerospace industry, and are rarely used in our daily lives.

If disinfection is required, it is recommended that you choose a disinfectant that has a clear effect and is officially recommended, such as medical alcohol.

Rumor 4: Bleach can "treat" new coronary pneumonia

A long time ago, the American "Genesis Second Rehabilitation Church" once declared that drinking "bleach" can treat AIDS.

Recently, some Americans have taken the time to speculate on various social networking sites that their bleach can "treat" new coronary pneumonia.

In fact, the main functional component of bleach is the same as 84 disinfectant, which is hypochlorous acid, which has strong oxidizing properties and can be used for environmental disinfection.

Current research shows that the new coronavirus is relatively sensitive to chlorine-containing disinfectants and medical alcohol. Therefore, bleach can indeed kill the new coronavirus.

However, do not take bleach! Taking chlorine disinfectant will cause liver and digestive tract damage.

Key points: During the epidemic, some bleach or 84 disinfectant can be prepared at home, which can disinfect the indoor environment and some frequently touched items, such as floors and door handles. 
Before using disinfectant, be sure to read the instructions to understand the use method and ratio.
In addition, you must be cautious and cautious about the things you import, especially do not drink bleach!

Rumor 5: Mailing a package or goods carrying the new coronavirus

Some US media reported that courier packages and other new corona viruses may become the main route of virus transmission.

Subsequently, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) came forward to clarify: 
"Coronaviruses have poor survivability on the surface of these objects. Express parcels are transported at normal ambient temperatures and after several days or weeks of transportation, the risk of spreading the virus is very high. Low. "

The World Health Organization pointed out that according to previous research on coronaviruses such as SARS (SARS) and MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome), the new coronavirus has not survived on objects for too long, and there is no indication that the virus can be transmitted by parcels.

The main transmission route of the new coronavirus is droplet transmission.
If you are worried about the contamination of the express package, you can unpack it outdoors and throw away the outer packaging. 
After taking the contents inside, you can wipe the outer surface with medical alcohol or chlorine disinfectant.

Rumor 6: Microwave ovens and 5G networks can spread the new crown virus

According to a US news site, a California-based "Bone Doctor" (or Chiropractor) believes that microwave ovens and 5G networks can produce symptoms of New Coronary Pneumonia and even spread New Crown Virus.

And this site reported in early April that a conspiracy theorist in the United States who hyped "5G networks can spread new crown viruses" actually sold U shields that can prevent 5G signals from spreading new crown viruses, each for $ 350.

Focus: If the virus can spread along network signals or microwaves, then I am afraid that everyone will not be spared. If you are holding a mobile phone to see the medical code, you may go for a nucleic acid test tomorrow.

Most of these American rumors come from a highly controversial group of doctors i.e. Chiropractic or "Bone Doctor". 
They are a group of doctors who treat back pain and other ailments by massage and massage of the spine.

A Chiropractor from Colorado declared on social media that it is a conspiracy of foreign forces to let Americans wear masks.

The owner of a chiropractic clinic in California still believes that the new coronavirus is fake, and the media fabricated it to attack her idol Trump.

Bill Gates was recently rumored to "secretly clear the earth's population". The rumor also came from a Georgia chiropractor training school practitioner.

In fact, most of the above rumors come from some chiropractic doctors. 
Chiropractic treatment lacks rigorous scientific basis in the eyes of mainstream western medical circles and is not considered to be regular medicine. 
Moreover, the entry threshold for chiropractic doctors is relatively low, and does not require years of rigorous medical education. 
Therefore, the quality is "uneven", and it is easier to mix in some by spreading pseudo medicine, pseudoscience and exaggerating oneself. A liar of medicine and curative effect.

The American Chiropractic Association issued a statement saying that any "osteopathic / chiropractic therapy" cannot treat or prevent new coronary pneumonia.

(Source: American Osteopathic Association official website)

In fact, the rumors of the new coronary pneumonia in the United States are far more than these, and rumors spread throughout all walks of life. 
Even "knowing king" Trump often spreads some unreliable remarks intentionally or unintentionally.

Injecting disinfectant into the body to clean the virus

US President Trump said at a press conference recently that "injecting disinfectant into the body to clean the virus" scared disinfectant manufacturer Lijie Group to issue an emergency statement, 
"In any case, our disinfectant products are It should not enter the body (by injection, swallowing or any other means). "

According to the British Guardian report, Trump's suggestion may be inspired by a letter. 

The letter-writing Mark Grenon founded a website that spread conspiracy theories and promoted pseudo-scientific therapies. 

During the epidemic, he re-posted thrilling rumors that "scientists are developing vaccines for aborted infants".

As early as April 8th, the US FDA issued a warning letter to the Glennon website, saying that it spread false and harmful treatments during the epidemic.

On April 24th, the FDA warned against using two drugs, hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine, that President Trump touted as a potential treatment for the new coronavirus.

In order to prevent the spread of rumors, US White House officials met with executives of technology companies such as Amazon and Google. 
This they did  hoping that the other party could assist the government to stop disseminating new coronary pneumonia conspiracy theories and rumors on large social media sites and disseminate correct epidemic prevention information.

Moreover, many official organizations in the United States have set up rumors on the official website to clarify in time. 
For example, the Federal Emergency Measures Agency and the Department of Homeland Security update the content of rumours daily on the official website.

One of the world’s largest Uber driver forums, Uber, also opened a rumor column on the website.

In response to these rumors, 27 medical experts stated in the top medical journal The Lancet that "the rapid, open and transparent sharing of epidemic data is currently threatened by rumors and misinformation about their origin".
It also emphasized: 
"Conspiracy theories will only create fear, rumors and prejudices, threatening global cooperation against the new crown virus."

As a doctor, what I want to say is that in the face of major public health events, everyone will experience panic and self-protection "conditional reflexes."
However, under the premise of maintaining moderate tension, keep your mind awake. 
If you hear more, read more, and ask more information when you don't understand it, the rumor will not break through.


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