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No Significant Effect of Hydroxychloroquine

Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin

More than a month ago, without any research evidence, US President Trump said on the social platform, "The combination of hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin will be a special medicine to save patients and reverse the epidemic." 
Some well-known media people and even the US Food and Drug Administration have begun to respond to Trump's call to promote hydroxychloroquine.

However, more than a month has passed. According to CNN's April 21 report, the latest analysis report released by the US Veterans HealthAdministration on the same day showed that the use of hydroxychloroquine may have a higher risk of death. 
At this time, Trump said nothing about the "silver bullet" he had praised.
Trump tweeted on March 21 that hydroxychloroquine is a special-purpose medicine, requiring the US Food and Drug Administration to authorize the use immediately

Trump tweeted special effects medicine, the media blindly followed suit

Long before the US medical community began research, Trump called hydroxychloroquine a "magic drug" for the treatment of the new crown on social platforms, and also requested the US Food and Drug Administration to authorize its use immediately.

The US Media Supervision Organization (Media Matters for America) reported on April 21 that after Trump touted hydroxychloroquine as a special effect drug, Fox News conducted more than 300 hundred publicity campaigns for hydroxychloroquine in the next two weeks. 

Fox News Channel host Laura Ingraham even personally applied to Trump for the large-scale use of hydroxychloroquine nationwide.

In March 19th, local time, Ingraham said on the show that a dying patient with new coronary pneumonia received hydroxychloroquine treatment, and it turned out miraculously. 

Ingraham also asked for credit on the show, saying that Trump's plan to immediately supply hydroxychloroquine in large quantities came from her unremitting persistence and appeal.

Sean Hannity, another well-known host of Fox News Channel, further sold hydroxychloroquine to fans, suggesting that anyone in need should try it.

The US Food and Drug Administration also responded to Trump's call

The US current news media "Politics" reported that although Dr. Fuch, an expert in the White House anti-epidemic group, warned that the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine was not certified.

The US Food and Drug Administration responded to the call and formulated an emergency useauthorization on March 29, allowing the use of hydroxychloroquine in patients with new coronary pneumonia.

Politics in the US media reported that the US Food and Drug Administration urgently authorized the use of hydroxychloroquine

Speaking with data, the risk of using hydroxychloroquine is higher
CNN reported on April 21 that the analysis report of the US Veterans Health Administration showed that the treatment data of 368 patients (both men) with new coronary pneumonia showed that the 97 patients who received hydroxychloroquine had the most deaths and the mortality Up to 27.8%. 
Simulation for No Important Effect of Hydroxychloroquine in COVID19 Treatment

The case fatality rate in the group receiving hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin was 22.1%. Among the 158 patients who did not take hydroxychloroquine, the mortality rate was the lowest, at 11.4%. 

Although this national study is not the most rigorous experiment, it is indeed the first large-scale study on the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine against new coronary pneumonia.

This study by the US Veterans Health Administration was conducted with the help of the National Institutes of Health and the University of Virginia.

CNN reports that hydroxychloroquine has no significant effect on new coronary pneumonia

Vanity Fair magazine reported on April 22 that after the results of the study were published, the public opinion on hydroxychloroquine changed direction. Monitoring data from the Media Matters for America show that, compared with the previous weeks, the number of mentions of hydroxychloroquine by Fox News has dropped by 75% since April 16. 

Absolute proponents of hydroxychloroquine like Ingraham have become silent, and have never discussed hydroxychloroquine publicly on the show.

The US media supervision organization pointed out that Fox News mentioned that the number of hydroxychloroquine plummeted

At the same time, in addition to briefly mentioning hydroxychloroquine at the White House press conference on April 13, Trump has significantly reduced public statements about hydroxychloroquine in the past week.

American media supervision organization quoted social media tweets to sarcastically that Fox spent weeks talking about hydroxychloroquine as a miracle therapy

Authoritative institutions have spoken

In view of the fact that hydroxychloroquine has not been fully tested in patients with new coronary pneumonia, the medical community has not yet made any conclusions about the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine in the treatment of new coronary pneumonia.

"Vanity Fair" magazine quoted the "Washington Post" news that the US Central Intelligence Agency has issued a hint on the internal website, indicating that the use of hydroxychloroquine may have dangerous potential side effects, or even sudden death, and reminded employees not to follow Trump's advice, Take hydroxychloroquine privately.

"Vanity Fair" article pointed out that the US Central Intelligence Agency warned not to follow Trump's drug recommendations for the treatment of new coronary pneumonia.

On the same day as the US Veterans Health Administration’s public analysis report, the panel of experts under the National Institutes ofHealth, led by Dr. Foch, also issued a new guidance that again hit Trump’s face.

The Institute said that there is insufficient data to prove whether hydroxychloroquine is effective for new coronary pneumonia, and it is recommended not to use hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin to prevent "potential toxicity" from harming other physical functions of patients. 

Dr. Susan Swindel, a professor of medicine at the University of Nebraska, added:
All studies are based on data. Except for supportive treatment, we have not found any special drugs to have significant effects on new coronary pneumonia.


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