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Reiki Chinese Healing Therapy and Aura

What is Reiki healing?

Reiki Meaning: Reiki starts with young children, and is most fearless and naive.

To the world, children are weak and immature. But for children, the world is piled up like geological blocks, which is clear and transparent. He doesn't need to understand what is fact and what is concealment. He only needs to express his inner intuition, cry when he wants to cry, and laugh when he wants to laugh.

The adult world is still far from him. He doesn't need to understand those treacherous and deceitful. He only needs to say who is good and evil by virtue of his natural sensitivity, and the judgment at this time is often the most accurate.

So, what is the aura after adulthood?

When it comes to the aura of adults, the first thing people think of is the beauty with a stunned eye and a glimpse. A dignified beauty with a little aura can be described as a beauty, and a beauty is the hardest to find.

Beautiful women are scarce resources themselves, and Reiki beauty is a rare stunner.

Reiki is not limited to physical appearance. Cai Lan, who is synonymous with Huang Zhan, Ni Kuang, and Jin Yong and is called the "Four Talents of Xiangjiang", said: "A woman who looks ordinary but has aura is the most loved."

The aura of a woman with ordinary appearance does not necessarily reveal her inner intelligence through the flow of her eyes, but because she is sensitive and decent in her work, because she understands the overall situation of understanding. Such a person is sensitive and calm, she can detect the embarrassment of others, and can handle it properly. Her aura is not sharp-edged, but gently revealed. This kind of disclosure is a kind of caring and self-consciousness.

Appearance is the embodiment of Reiki. Reiki is manifested more deeply in human sensitivity.

The more sensitive a person's intuition, the more aura, and this sensitivity lies in not being polluted by the external turbid air. At this time, the more developed the intuition, the more aura.

Enlighten Multiple Thinking

How do we hold onto the original aura?

Reiki is like a natural endowment. Some people are dull at a young age. Even if it is only a little, this reiki disappears as they grow older. Some people are born with aura, and can always maintain it with a strong will. This kind of maintenance is a stubborn stubbornness to the outside world, and it is also an innocence that sticks to its heart.

Reiki in young age does not need to be learned. Reiki in adulthood is a kind of innocent and ancient spirit that is still similar to that of adolescence.

Learn to be Simple

First, you must learn that simple, complex souls cannot keep aura.

Simplicity is the exploration of our inner self, not to let outside chaos disturb our rhythm. A person can only understand the composition of the thousands of worlds, understand the vastness of the outside world, and understand the meticulousness and subtlety of the inner world only if he goes deep into the inner self and seeks out the small.

Simplicity is the simplicity and luxury of lifestyle, and the satisfaction of eating and drinking. If you have an aura, you can't see his vigorous desires in him. He seems to enjoy the comfort of life easily, without plans, and without worry.


Don't Have Resentment

A person grows a face all day long, and sees no one is angry, so no matter how beautiful she is, she will not attract people to approach. Resentment ruins one's luck and kills one's aura.

An aura has an innocent fear of life. It is better not to take it seriously than to see it through. Stay away from people with anger, let go of resentments about unpleasant things, and find ways to approach your heart.

Thinking Independently, not catering to flattery

Learning to think independently is an ability, and it is an ability that requires constant self-training. Independent thinking will not follow the flow, have your own lifestyle, not be carried away by the world, and retain the original authenticity.


We can cultivate temperament by reading books and dig out the inner call of the heart.

Learning through reading is still second, and more importantly, understanding the world through reading, understanding people's hearts, and rediscovering the child-like eyes that look at the world.


Reiki is the original miracle in the heart. It is the clear mind watching. This is the true heart; a person with an aura does not perform. His behavior is the true expression of his heart and outwards. This is positive.

The clearer the human heart, the higher the wisdom of the person; the higher the wisdom, the easier it is to discern the essence of things. Reiki is a lively curious about everything in the world. This lively heart is warm and naive.

In the final analysis, Reiki is not a superficial external expression. It can only be understood through inner feelings, but it is unconsciously revealed in the manner, just like the stars are lit, and the core is bright. Even if it is dark, it can Flicker was recognized in Flicker.


Zhou Dunyi wrote in "Tai Chi Illustrated": "Everything is born to change endlessly, but people have to be beautiful and most spiritual."

Open the door to freedom

The tree in the mountain has a spirit show, and it stands tall, as if enjoying the sunshine and dew alone into the air. This is a tree that has drawn the spirit of heaven and earth to become its own.

Human beings are the spirit of all things. Compared with other animals, they have gathered all the heavens and earth's aura in one person. Humans originate from nature. And those who still keep their aura in their bodies and minds have the kind of perseverance of "Qianshan birds fly absolutely", and have a true freedom in the coldness of "solitary fishing for the cold river snow."


What kind of person can be called aura?

Reiki and Aura: When it comes to the beauty of women, we mostly talk about the spirit of expression. The manifestation of this spirit should be the opposite of desire and artisan. The most mentioned one is Xiao Taiping in Daming Palace's poems.
Spirituality: Personality analysis

What is "Reiki"? What kind of person can be called aura?

They all say that “the stunner is enough to move people.” In fact, whether men or women, the people who really move people in the end, it is not a real thing such as a high nose and big eyes. The moments that can't be forgotten ten years later are mostly spiritual. So Reiki is here, even if you know that this girl is plain, but if you can see the spring in it, it is better than many wood beauties.

On the next level, the spirit of doing things, people feel that the word "spirit" should be a bit different from the mature and harmonious sense in the usual sense. It is an improvised spark and a slight subtlety between speech and behavior. This wonderful idea is the mutual understanding between smart people. It doesn't help to see how successful it is, and how much methodology you can't learn, it penetrates all the logic, but finally breaks the rules. At the peak of this spirit, I think it is Gambi in the era of entertainment.

The murderer had a knife in his throat, and Reiki forced it from the bottom of his heart to the point where it fell above the heart.

In its appearance, Reiki emphasizes transparency

In terms of physiology, "a young man is young and handsome", it has nothing to do with beauty. It is about skin being skin, bone being bone, eyebrow being eyebrow, eye being eye, and one face is not messy and turbid, and there is no unnecessary interference of flesh and bones.

This clean feeling, first of all, the skin does not have turbidity, whether it is skin color and makeup, taboo too much warm colors.

The appearance must not have a sense of exhaustion. The place of the gods is the eyebrows and the corners of the mouth. The shapes are slightly raised. 
For example, Qiong Yao described Jiang Qinqin as "soft and water-like, and his aura is formidable", and named her stage name Shui Ling.

And when you see her, you will know that she is the Chinese classical beauty with long hair and thin heart. Her beauty is not that overwhelming, but more like the girl who grew up in the water villages of Jiangsu and Zhejiang. The kind of picture that can appear when you see your face is spiritual.

Regarding cultivating physical appearance, people think:
First, pay attention to diet. The yellow, oily, and unclean air on the face has the most relationship with the internal regulation.

Second, the eyebrow is like a distant mountain, pay attention to the right arc, and close it carefully, don't press your eyes with a big thick bar. The eyes of the Orientals are "live" and "water", and their eyes are deep, second.

The spirit of appearance is to be cautious and to make additions, with everything as the highest purpose. Regarding the "Reiki", this appropriate degree may have a lower tolerance than the present standard. The color on the face must not be too heavy and heavy. Although the dazzling makeup has a noticeable effect, it is easy to cover its own breath. The contours of the five senses are also rather uncorrectable.

Do not stretch your face every day. Your muscles have memories. Some people say that the Chinese face looks like a collapsed facade. If you do not exercise your apple muscles very much, your face will come down.

Except for the appearance Reiki is easy to get, and covering things in nature, it's not bad.

That is to say, you see that children's aura is always better than adults, because they have natural purity and natural cuteness. The aura of this aura is that the more you read the world, the more true your temperament.

This truth is like the Gong'an School in the poems who talks about "sexual spirit" and stresses "truth is true to emotion, but still functions", emphasizing not to polish, the polished things look good, but it is difficult to poke.

Therefore, it is difficult to imagine the practice of reiki by cultivating reiki. Thinking about that scene is tedious. For example, some actors perform "reiki", roll their eyes, tilt their heads, and stick out their tongues, but they feel uncomfortable, and they can feel it through the screen.

Many girls, deliberately creating a lively and cute momentum, or deliberately gossiping, I think it is impossible. Some people say that men like it, so make a look. I think, the smarter you are, the less you should underestimate the intelligence of others. People's perception is sometimes subtle. Many people ca n’t tell, but most of them can feel “true The little difference between "false", if it is a quiet nature like Qiuyue, will be manifested generously. At that time, it is the most touching time. It is bad to imitate anyone else deliberately. For example, if you look at the more realistic state on the left side of the figure below, it is very moving in itself.

No matter what kind of temperament, I think, as described in "Actor's Self-Cultivation", take a step back, not a thousand steps. "When a person wants to comprehend important, hidden, hidden thoughts and experiences, he is always living alone, pondering and thinking, trying to use words in his imagination to indicate what he thinks, and what he feels is What. On the stage, these actors didn't act like this. They always walked to the front of the stage when they were expressing their hearts, facing the audience, whispering their voices, enthusiastically and eloquently preaching that their own Existence experience."

For reiki mining, do not try to replace "brain memory" with "muscle memory".

What does "brain memory" about Reiki mean?

In the previous article, I made a point that I believe that the cultivation of temperament must have relevant "internal experience".

But I think that the "inner experience" of Reiki is actually for everyone, because it does not express how profound and rare it is, it is not huge, it is not macro, it is actually the external state, one of the small emotions A flash point.

For example, Lu Chuan described Zhou Xun as "her spiritual boiling point is very low" "but she has a degree of relaxation and is very accurate". The boiling point is low, so it can burst, but it is accurate, so it has the right spirituality.

First of all, the emotions are full and rich. Many people say spirituality, can't express less, and move less. In fact, when you go to see Zhou Xun's performances, they often live a little bit of life, so the viewing is very good. But if you look at Yan Bingyan and Hao Lei, they are also excellent experiential actors, but their acting skills are more convergent and smaller, but as long as the expression and action are rooted, they are not acting for the performance, it is also very moving.

But sadness, grief, sorrow, terror, sweetness, bitterness and saltiness, a movement in your heart is a turn of your eyes, a thought in your heart, a pinch of your mouth. Everyone has small feelings and small threads, but the channels of expression for many people have been blocked for various reasons. The blocked place is the rational control of the subconscious, so it is necessary to liberate nature. The second is that we often have a rigid expression mode. That expression mode makes you comfortable, makes you safe, and makes you proficient, but it is easy to slip and easy to be beautiful.

In this era, we aim for efficient communication, but what is really effective communication?

 I think that text, speech, including the article I write now, are a very pale way of communication, just like film-style, think What you want to say, don't narrate the subject at the end, you should say everything in the story. People have to learn to communicate outside of language. The transmission is actually more direct than speaking. It is a way that people have degraded, but become more moving.

For example, likes are the same, time and state are different, actions, smiles, and expressions should not be the same. This kind of experience is for everyone, but when talking, many girls are particularly anxious and panic. But as soon as you panic, you will establish an expression with the least beauty. Don't worry, one gesture, one look, enjoy it, and enjoy passing it on. Take it easy, don't be bitter.
Chakras and the Reiki Symbols

The kind of ease between behaviors can be referred to Faye Wong in 1998-03. I personally think that it is a peak period of her life. On the stage, she is like a free spirit. . At that time, her aura was full of things overflowing from her heart, but she didn't say it. The corner of her eyebrows, a sentence or two, the voice, the back, were all conveying this kind of thing.

And the most difficult part of Reiki is not that the channel is open, but the proper expression afterwards. For example, I think that it is difficult for people to be "reiki" if they have passed their teens, because if reiki is such a thing, if you feel trembling, the flames will be a bit overdone.

You have to know how to let go and then to hide. If the child ’s aura is still pure and blessed, it can be more reckless, then the adult ’s spirituality should be just right forward and backward. When it comes to a point, do n’t say it again, when the point of expression is retracted, there are occasions for the release of emotions, Communicate the right feelings with the right people. And in the real moment of aura collision, I don't think it needs too much, don't need to deliberately make it. The other side understands that it is the blessing of each other.
Reiki Healing of the Chinese Therapeutic

It must be acknowledged that even if Zhou Xun, many people said that she could not appreciate her aura. It was originally about herself and a way to communicate with the world. So do n’t be too full, as long as this boundary is full, it is easy to lack connotation. This dissatisfaction is the "distance" that the Chinese pay attention to, and the "time" that the Japanese pay attention to. There are gaps, only imagination.

And the same manifestation is one point, one thing is clear, I think spirituality is different from cleverness. Spiritual intelligence is called "ice and snow smart". The word ice and snow is wonderful, there is a sense of cold, distance, and beauty. This beauty comes from being transparent.

Some girls also have aura, but the small emotions in their hearts are entangled with large veins, and the stagnation is too much, because the undercurrent can't be peaceful and often quiet.

 Their aura is only released in the small parts of life, so it has the limitation of indulging in emotions. An intelligent person who is as transparent as snow and ice should be open-minded and accurate. So my favorite kind of Reiki is susceptible to affection, only to be overwhelming, but every corner of my heart is cleaned up, like a Japanese-style home, and the details of the simple operation, but not flowing through tedious and stacking.

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